Offsite Data Storage

Fire and Water Computer Disaster Recov3ery

Every day your Business is exposed to new threats! Whether it’s from physical threats such as Fire, Tornadoes, Power Outages, Sabotage, Hardware Failure, Theft of Equipment, Human Error or digital threats such as Viruses, Worms and Hacking. Businesses now must be prepared like never before.

Consider the impact that a critical data loss could have on your Business.

In the information age, safeguarding your data from disasters is imperative for maintaining the confidence of your investors, customers, employees or even the very survival of your company.

In today’s business climate even a minor data loss can cost your business dearly. With new Governmental regulations going into effect for public and private business alike, your business survival may well depend on how quickly you can recover that data. Data is one of the most critical assets in our businesses today. That means that fast recovery of these digital assets is not just a “technical” issue anymore but a “critical” issue.

During your specified backup window, data is collected within your LAN environment to a system specified as a Backup Appliance where it is compressed and encrypted. The backup data is then transmitted offsite via a dedicated private network connection to our storage vaults.

The encrypted data is held offsite in disk form where it can be restored quickly and easily. A secondary backup copy is replicated to a back storage server for full backup redundancy further guaranteeing that in any event your data can be restored. Individual files can be restored directly online using a simple and easy to use interface.

In the event of a major data loss or site disaster CNS can will assist your company with restoring a backup to a chosen disaster recovery site to be restored from disk or Media at LAN speeds.