Disaster Recovery

Fire and Water Computer Disaster Recov3ery

In this information age, data is key to operating any company. We have the ability to help you safeguard your company from any threat such as a¬†hurricane, flood, tornado, human error, theft, hacking, or viruses. Don’t become a victim. Plan ahead.


Business continuity services offered:

  • Systems replication
  • Hard drive snapshots
  • Offsite remote backup
  • Secondary server hosting
  • Primary server collocation
  • Redundant email


Considering our location on a map, the need for proper disaster recovery planning in New Orleans and southeastern Louisiana is beyond question.

At CNS, we have helped clients of all types and sizes develop, test, and implement business continuity plans. Whether you need to be up and running in one minute, one day, or one week, we have a proven, appropriate remote backup solution.