IT Consulting & Integration Services

Server/Desktop Virtualization

IT departments are being asked to do more with less, and virtualization is a key strategy to achieve better resource utilization.  You can realize significant cost savings while improving overall system performance through server virtualization technology.  Server virtualization can dramatically reduce your investment in physical hardware, ease energy consumption, cut down on heat in server rooms, and free up valuable server rack space.  Not to mention the significant operational and management advantages!  Think in terms of having a new server fully up and running in minutes!  Virtualization technology has forever changed the way networks are built and managed.
CNS can help develop and implement a virtualization strategy for your desktops too!  Desktop virtualization can significantly improve data security and backup, cut down on IT equipment costs and will enable centralized administration and management of all software, eliminating the need to load software locally.

Application Delivery

CNS offers a suite of products and services that ensure application availability, security, visibility, and acceleration.

Support Keys spelled in hand

Bandwidth Optimization

Even the simplest bandwidth optimization techniques can reduce operational costs.  CNS can help drive down your IT expenses by employing appropriate bandwidth optimization solutions.

Data & Storage Management

You can now have peace of mind about your company’s data.  CNS can help make your data readily available and easy to access – yet highly secured and protected from accidental loss.  From Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) to Direct Attached Storage (DAS), ETS has certified specialists who can help you architect, install and support a storage solution that meets your needs and stays within your budget at every stage of business growth.

Network Security

 CNS can help you implement and follow industry best practices when it comes to managing your network security.  Through a layered approach that includes anti-virus/spam/spyware software, firewalls, password management and other key security techniques, you will be doing everything possible to secure your company’s valuable data and information.